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My name is Madison and I am “The Northern Belle” this blog is currently under construction and will be coming soon! I don’t have a set date but it is very exciting! I am a nanny that currently lives in an interesting town in the Detroit Metro area. I am moving soon to the beautiful Traverse city in the very northern parts of Michigan. I am what I consider a “Northern Belle”, I adore southern culture and not just the stereotypes but the actual cultural differences. As much as I adore the south and am a Michigander through and through. I love the North, I love Michigan and I will never leave, so obviously I could not possibly be a southern belle, but I am a northern belle!

Now that you have read about why I am a Northern Belle, and why the blog is called “The Northern Belle” I would now like to tell you what the coming blog will be about! I have a deep love for fashion and there will be an entire section dedicated to my fashion, the fashion trends, designers that I love and so on and so forth. I have a love hate relationship with fitness, but there will be section about health and fitness. A part of being a Northern Belle is beauty not just appearance but with in, this section I will post about make-up, skin-care, hair, and nail. Additionally I will be talking about being inwardly beautiful and loving yourself for who you are. Now something humans can live without is eating, and I certainly love to do that, but more importantly I absolutely love to cook (most days). In fact I was going to go to culinary arts school (I’ll explain why I didn’t later). So I will have a whole “foodie” section, about eating and cooking, that includes review, recipes, kitchen triumphs and kitchen disasters! Last but certainly not least, I will have an entire section dedicated to something that affects my life in big way, and that is my food allergies. I will have section dedicated to special recipes, how to deal with it, epi-pen stuff, my experiences, and advice. Of course this is why I could not go to culinary art school, so you can see it has a factor in all parts of my life and I want to be able to help other by sharing.

So I hope you enjoyed this blurb about what is to come, and I hope you check in soon!

– The Northern Belle