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20140615-133328-48808473.jpgHey everyone! I thought I would share my top 15 beauty products for summer! They are in no particular order, and most of them are under ten dollars!

  1. Rimmel Stay Matte Press Powder: This is a recent purchase (within 3 weeks) and I have just fell in love with it. It keeps me matte ALL DAY, and it never looks overly matte, which is important. I use it with my Crown Brush IB103,and it makes the light skin toe evening coverage even better. You can buy it here.
  2. NYC Bronzer in Bikini Contest: You are probably thinking…Madison this is insanely dark bronzer for you freakishly pale complexion. Well your wrong (kind of) I use this very lightly to contour. I like this bronzer because it’s crazy inexpensive, it blends well, isn’t muddy or orange. Another reason I love it is because it huge, and that doesn’t just mean a lot of product but also that its easy to get your brush in it. You can buy it here.
  3. Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer in Tiki: This is an awesome drug store highlighter, and that my friends, is hard to come by. I love this for a beautiful light shimmer on my cheekbones, down m nose, on the cupids bow and the chin. It is pigmented, and a beautiful gold glow. A lot of people think this is a dupe for my next item but I don’t see it. I like them both just differently. You can buy it here.
  4. The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter: This is by far my holy grail, absolute favorite highlighter. It is a true champagne tone, it is beautiful on the cheekbones of course. It is also is amazing all over under foundation for a inner glow, on the eyelids and on the decalage. I love highlighters like this one, and the previous one even more in the spring and summer for that natural glowy finish. You can buy it here.
  5. ELF Studio Blush in Pink Passion: I don’t usually wear blush because my rosacea makes my cheeks pretty red and I don’t need the color. In the spring though my rosacea gets better, and I get to break this bad baby out and use it. I love this color I think it just looks so fresh and lively. The pigmentation is amazing, I have to use a light hand, and same with its huge!
  6. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake: I really enjoy the lip butters even more in the spring and summer, because they are easy when you are on the go. I like this particular color because it is just flattering with almost every look. You can buy it here.
  7. The Balm Nude ‘Tude Palette: I don’t usually wear anything on the eye besides the Mary Lou Manizer, but when I do I gravitate towards this because the ease of this palette. The shadows are incredibly soft, creamy, pigmented and bendable. I like to take the gold and brown shadows for the spring. You can buy it here.
  8. Maybelline’s The Rocket Waterproof Mascara: This mascara is insanely waterproof. I wore this through a funeral, and while I was bawling through a allergic reaction and I still looked good in the hospital bed. Some people say they have a hard time getting this off, but I have no problem when I take it off with coconut oil like I always do. The waterproof part of this mascara is the main reason I love it for spring and summer, aka wedding and beach season. You can buy it here.
  9. Coconut oil: I absolutely love coconut oil all year, it is miracle product in everything beauty. I love it in particular during spring, for make-up removal, for my whole face. It is especially helpful on pesky waterproof items. It also keeps my skin moisturized and supple. You can buy it at your local grocery store.
  10. ELF Studio Mist and Set Spray: This spray doesn’t really do much for setting, but it does a bunch of other things that I love for the spring. It cools you down when its hot, it sooths redness from sunburn or rosacea and it refreshes your make-up if its lacking during the day. You can buy it here.
  11. EOS Sweet Mint Lip Balm: I love this lip balm all year round, but it is particularly fantastic for low maintenance looks. Also it’s fantastic for keeping your lips moisturized, which is important in the summer for those bright, bold, or frosted lipsticks. You can buy it here.
  12. Travalo: This purple capped wonder, has saved me on many occasions. It is perfect for the summer because it you will always smell fresh with your favorite perfume. Additionally it’s tiny so it can fit in the smallest of clutches which of course comes in handy for the summer. I got mine at TJmaxx for 5 dollars, but you can buy them here.
  13. ELF Daily Moisture Stick: This might be the most versatile six dollars I have ever spent on beauty products. I have 2 of these, one in my purse and one in my make-up collection. I use this when I don’t feel like digging in to my coconut oil, its easy application, and portable. It has a cooling effect which is good for my under eyes, as well as for burns (I recently found this out while camping.) You can buy it here.
  14. ELF Shine Eraser Oil Blotting Sheets: Oil blotting sheets are very common on peoples list for the obvious reasons. I like these because they are cheap (one dollar) and they get it done. I can also take these and rub off on eyeliner or mascara smudge which is awesome. You can buy it here.
  15. ELF Make-up Remover Pen: This is by far my favorite new product of the last couple of weeks. I use this all the time, your can just use the tip a little bit to fix your make-up through the day. I even use it if I make a mistake when I first put on my make-up. I have it on my shopping list to buy 2 more. It is compact so it fits in any purse, and it has a very secure cap. You can buy it here.

I know I love all of these products, and I hope you try something new!

– The Northern Belle