Bake Ass Off 1Sometimes you just feel like baking, like a lot of baking, an immensely large amount of baking. For some reason since I have moved (temporarily) into my in-law’s (boyfriends parents) home I have felt that ridiculous urge to well, bake my ass off. I think it is the 50s housewife in me, or the simple genetic hospitality that has been passed down in my family. We don’t like to impose, but since I am imposing, why not do my best to help out around, and feed you! Anyway in the week and four days that I have been here, I have baked a lemon layer cake, and this morning I made two different types of cookies! Now, there is an actual reason I made two batches of different cookies, and that is because L&D (the in-laws) are getting their boat today! They ordered it from a family friend, so they are joining us for a boat christening dinner, along with another family friend. Now that you all know what’s going on around here, we can talk about the good stuff; cookies.

Normally this first cookie is not something I would try, because frankly it seems a little weird as a cookie. We had four pounds of blueberries. You read right, four pounds. So we were on the tail end of those blueberries with only a pound and a half to go, when I found this recipe. As weird as these cookies may sound, they are exceptionally delicious and are climbing the ranks of my favorite cookies. I found the recipe here, and there are some things I would like to note about the recipe.

  • The cake flour in this cookie is just amazing, it makes it so fluffy and well almost cake like.
  • The amount of lemon and vanilla extract is perfect for taste, but beware when you are mixing it, all you can smell is the alcohol, more than usual to the point that it was making me dizzy.
  • I would not do more than 1 1/2 cups of the blueberries, it think it would be way more messy and fall apart on you.
  • I dredged my blueberry’s in the flour and that really helps not make your cookies purple.
  • She switches in the recipe from baking powder, to baking soda. I went with baking powder and I wouldn’t change that.
  • I kind of went a little over board with the size of my cookies. Next time I will defiantly be going mini with these cookies. I think they would hold together better, and cook better that way.
  • I recommend using a spoon and your (clean) fingers to drop the cookies, instead of using a scoop that could break the blueberries.
  • I did not glaze my cookies, because I felt the flavor was developed just fine with out it.Bake Ass Off 2

I have never made oatmeal raisin cookies, that is before today. They are D’s favorite cookie, so that is why I made them. Since I had never made oatmeal raisin cookies, I went on a very short hunt to find a recipe. I googled it, and it lead me to (the 3rd result on google, obviously searched long and far). When I read the recipe I was intrigued because it used not just baking powder but also baking soda, so I figured it must get great texture. Boy was I right, those cookies puff right up in the oven, and then when they slowly deflate when you take them out, and are fluffy and chewy! Yes, you did have to do a double take because I did say, fluffy and chewy cookies. Here are some other things I would like to note about the recipe, found here.

  • As previously mentioned, awesome fluffy and chewy texture.
  • Could be baked in any size, from super mini cookies all the way to cookie cake, this bakes amazingly in any size.
  • You can easily overcook these, so watch out!
  • Of course delicious

Bake Ass Off 4

If you have the sudden urge to bake your ass off, try something new!

– The Northern Belle